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No more fuss about choosing colors with the color wheel

The most difficult part of choosing a color scheme is not finding a shade one likes. It's finding a set of colors that go together. This is where a color wheel comes into play. Fortunately, now there is the Color Coordinator. It makes quick work of making sure your colors fit together by allowing you to link them together in various ways. It also allows you to set colors by specifying either RGB, HSB or web style hexadecimal values. All colors change in real time as they are specified by typing numbers or clicking and dragging the mouse. You can also drag the color swatches around to arrange them in any way you want to do side by side comparisons. Choose between RGB and RYB color wheels to find color harmonies using the best of both schemes. Choosing color schemes has never been this fun. Give it a try. We think you'll like it.


Dec 19, 2004
Did some Mac testing. Sorry IE doesn't work. And in lieu of all the great alternatives for Mac OS X, it'll probably stay that way for quite a while. Safari seems to work nicely. Also added the Opera banner because far too few people know about this awesome browser. Color Coordinator actually works best on Opera not only because it was developed using Opera, but also because it sports the fastest screen refresh rates only slightly out performed by IE. Unfortunately, in addition to only working on windows, IE also fails to render the alpha channel on the color swatches, making them look grey and ugly. While most other browsers do also support the alpha channel on PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images, most get rather slow on screen refresh rates when dragging the sliders. Also many web masters may not know about Opera because it claims to be Internet Explorer as a user agent by default.

Feb 15, 2004
Did a library update that affected various issues.
  • Cleaned up IE4 positioning issues.
  • Verified Netscape 6.2 + functionality.
  • Verified Galeon 1.2.7 functionality.
  • Improved handle sizing on Opera 7.

Jul 9, 2003
Re-designed the navigation controls by removing the sidebar and giving it a sleeker new look. This has the following benefits.
  • The buttons across the top use less room leaving more space for content.
  • The new simple printer friendly interface eliminates the need for menu hiding links.

Apr 30, 2003
Released a new version of the Color Coordinator with some exiting improvements.
  • Linked colors can now be changed directly.
  • Colors can now be changed by clicking anywhere in the colored areas.
  • Colors wheel may now be switched between Red-Green-Blue and Red-Yellow-Blue.
  • Colors may now be specified in RGB hex format.
  • Everything updates as numbers are type in. No more 'Set' buttons.
  • There's an easier to use widget to specify the number of desired color pickers.
  • New preset color schemes.
And we fixed some bugs as well. (Probably created a few, too.)
  • Opera display problems improved.
  • Misplaced color swatches on K-meleon are fixed.
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